Type: Aperitif
Country: UK
Region: Yorkshire
Code: SOMM001
Uplifting blend of rhubarb & raspberry. A little tangy, a burst of sweetness and refreshing bitter finish.

Sommer Drinks

Richard and Dan, our founding craftsmen, are long-time pals from Yorkshire. Their shared passion for the bittersweet aperitif led them to create a range for people like them – people who are serious about high quality drinks, and who want to enjoy them with good friends.
Scottish raspberries deliver a fresh, juicy acidity with floral sweetness while rhubarb brings a refreshing tart and tangy flavour, with citrussy undertones. A combination of 36 herbs and spices, including lemon thyme, gentian root and cinchona bark help achieve the perfect aroma and bitter finish.
Try an iconic Spritz. 3 Parts Prosecco, 2 Parts Sommer and 1 part soda water. Very refreshing!

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