Type: Aperitif
Country: England
Region: London
Code: BEES005
Finely crafted all natural bitter aperitif, 11% ABV, kissed by honey.

Beesou London

The co-founders of Beesou, Mark and Andrei, were always conscientious about what they put into their bodies, checking and reading product labels to ensure the ingredients are natural and sustainable. A necessary objective right from the start was to create a drink that listed all ingredients on the bottle, with no hint of artificial colours or flavours. You shouldn't have to compromise on knowing what you are putting into your body when enjoying a drink, but at the same time high end brands should never be produced at the expense of the environment. So, Mark and Andrei fell in love with the idea of making a premium aperitif from ethically sourced ingredients and raw British honey, that increases a...
Full of all-natural ingredients and free from any artificial flavourings or colourings, the blend contains complex top notes of cinchona bark and chinotto which give way to a burst of bitter orange and pink grapefruit which rounds into the mellow sweetness of raw honey.
Enjoy a Beesou spritz, 1 part Bessou and 2 parts Sparkling Wine served in a large glass over ice.

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