Type: Mixers & Carbonated
Country: England
Region: Northumberland
Code: FENT030
Jigger' is an old English term for a good measure which is used when combining the juice of eight mandarins and the zest of Seville orange in every bottle.


Established for over 100 years, Fentimans are producers of Botanically Brewed Premium soft drinks and mixers. Their artisanal drinks are brewed for 7 days using the time-honoured botanical brewing process resulting in a great tasting, refreshing soft drink.
An orange opaque liquid with natural sediment. Requires upending before pouring. Containing more than 50% Mandarin juice enhanced by a particularly fine Mandarin oil orange is the predominant aroma and taste. There is a full-bodied distinct Mandarin character to the liquid with just a hint of ginger. This complements the Seville orange adding to the flavour and balancing the sweetness.
Best served chilled. Don't forget to upend before drinking!

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