Type: Mixers & Carbonated
Country: England
Region: Belvoir
Code: BELV055
The original Elderflower Cordial made with masses of freshly picked elderflowers lemon juice and Belvoir spring water.

Belvoir Fruit Farms

Belvoir Fruit Farms nestles deep in the English countryside in the idyllic Vale of Belvoir where they have been making cordials since 1984, pressing fresh fruit and infusing flowers to mix with the famous Belvoir spring water. Renowned for their elderflower drinks they still use the same elderflower recipe developed by co-founder Mary Manners all those years ago. Originally all the elderflowers were handpicked from bushes growing around Lord and Lady John Manners’ garden. The whole family helped to make the first batch of elderflower cordial chopping the lemons and stirring the syrup. Lord John then popped the 88 cases of drinks into the back of his car and went round local farm shops persuading the owners to buy a bottle here and there. Today demand is so high that Belvoir calls on the local community to help with the harvest picking flowers from their own orchards and from hedgerows in the surrounding countryside.
The original Elderflower Cordial, made with masses of freshly picked elderflowers, lemon juice and spring water. This has a delicate taste and makes a wonderfully refreshing drink.
Splash some into white wine for a refreshing spritzer. Also works well as the base for many cocktails.

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