Type: Mineral Water
Country: England
Region: Kent
Code: KING100
Handcrafted luxury soft drinks made from Kingsdown Natural Spring Water blended with the highest quality fruit juices.

CMB Water Ltd

The first bottle of Kingsdown rolled off the production line in June 1995. The business was founded by William Bomer and began life as a small family business. Since then Kingsdown has flourished – their production site and head office is based at the Kingsdown source on the North Downs, they have an established distribution depot in south east London, and Kingsdown is stocked by hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs throughout the United Kingdom and beyond, with export markets ranging from South Korea to the United Arab Emirates.

Made from handpicked wild elderflowers and Kingsdown light sparkling spring water. Blended to produce an elegant and refreshing drink with subtle floral notes.
Best served chilled.

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