Type: Mineral Water
Country: England
Region: Hampshire
Code: HILD005
The distinctive terroir of Hildon Natural Mineral Water comes from deep beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful Hampshire countryside. This chalk environment filters the water to exceptional purity and embodies it with a specific compostion of minerals characteristic of the geological strata it flows through.

Hildon Ltd.

On 27th April 1989 Hildon Natural Mineral Water was launched offering the purest Natural Mineral Water – untouched by chemicals and completely consistent in taste to the world for the first time. The neutral composition of Hildon extracted from their aquifer made it perfect for enhancing the enjoyment of fine foods and wine.
Everything about Hildon sparkling is subtle, with a pure taste and gentle carbonation.
A water that serves as a great match to foods and other beverages, it adds pleasure and gratification to any dining experience.

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