Type: Ale
Country: England
Region: Harrogate
Code: COLD015
An American style Pale Ale, twin hopped with the classic west coast US pairing of Citra and Simcoe.

Cold Bath Brewery

Born out of boredom for mainstream lager, they decided to change the narrative. Countless years of methodical refinement and scientific research brought three friends revered in their local field of beer consumption, to a sad realisation of the slipping reputation for lager. Inspired by the belief that craft lager can match the revolution experienced by its ale counterparts, an uprising was formed against the flat state of mainstream lagers. It was decided that something had to change. The Cold Bath Brewing project was born.
A fruity aroma with back notes of mango and grapefruit making it a perfect all round session Pale Ale.
Best served chilled.

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