Type: Ale
Country: England
Region: Lake District
Code: BOWN035
Set sail on a journey into the deliciously darker waters of our black IPA with its start-to-finish hoppy magnificence. Allow this beer’s rich chocolate sweetness along with its subtle citrus notes and grassy loveliness to wash over and refresh you with its Lakeland water freshness.

Bowness Bay Brewing

The English Lake District is a landscape like no other. It’s these awesome, majestic, rugged, strong and beautiful surroundings that inspire their hand-crafted beers at Bowness Bay Brewing. It’s not only their home, it’s the very essence of what they create. In a region renowned for delicious local produce and divine taste experiences, Bowness Bay Brewing have been producing a range of hand-crafted traditionally made beers using the famous Lake District water to create the freshest, cleanest beers around.
A deliciously black IPA that has a start-to-finish hoppy magnificence. Rich chocolate sweetness along with subtle citrus and grassy notes.
Drink with barbequed meat - cheeseburgers, BBQ ribs or steak

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