Type: Whiskies
Country: Scotland
Region: Highland
Code: TOMA185
Part 3 of the Italian Collection, the Barolo Edition is matured in Barolo Wine casks.

Tomatin Distillery

The origins of whisky production in Tomatin are hard to be precise about - the formal distillery which operates today was established in 1897 but there is reason to believe that whisky production, albeit illegal, has been an important part of life in the area around Tomatin since the 1400s. The name itself gives an insight into this secret past: “Tomatin” translates to “Hill of the Juniper Bush”, as juniper wood gives off no smoke while burning. It has long been a favourite of illicit distillers who must keep their practice secret. Today, a building known locally as “The Old Laird’s House” still remains on the site of the current distillery and it is believed that this is the spot where the c...
Aromas of mulled wine and dark chocolate lead, while on the palate there are notes of spiced mead with cranberry and an underlying fresh citrus in the form of grapefruit. Light tannin and sugared almonds linger on the finish.
Best served neat.

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