Type: Whiskies
Country: Scotland
Region: Blend
Code: MURR025
Part of the Crafted Blend series, a blend – 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky – an inspired coming together of youthful, vibrant seven year-old peated malts with a much, much older North British grain whisky. Matured in Bourbon, PX & Oloroso casks and bottled in 2018.

Murray McDavid

Murray McDavid are a whisky bottler with a long tradition of practising the art of maturation to produce inspired Scotch whisky. They offer the complete range of scotch from vintage single malts and select grains to vatted malts and crafted blends. Their family of whisky includes Mission Gold, Benchmark, Mystery Malt, Select Grain, The Vatting and Crafted Blend. Coleburn Distillery, in the heart of Scotland’s Speyside region, is the home of Murray McDavid. This is where they practise the Art of Maturation by ageing all of their whisky in the finest oak casks from around the world. This allows them to offer drinkers drams from all the regions of Scotland that are unique and full of character.
Aromas of black treacle, sweet peat and fruit. The palate is floral with fruit flavours and a hint of peat smoke. The finish is long and sweet.
Best served neat.

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