Type: Whiskies
Country: USA
Region: Kentucky
Code: JIMB001
Probably the biggest name in the world of Bourbon, Jim Beam white label has all the hallmarks of classic Bourbon.

Beam Suntory

The people of Beam Suntory are the custodians of brands that have heritages measured in centuries. In 1795 a farmer and grain mill operator named Jacob Beam produced the first barrel of whiskey that would become Jim Beam our flagship brand now overseen by seventh generation Beam master distiller Fred Noe. The history of Suntory began in 1899 when the founder Shinjiro Torii started producing sweet wines. He then courageously produced the first Japanese whisky and today Suntory is the No.1 whisky distiller in Japan known for its flagship single malt whisky “Yamazaki” “Hakushu” and the blended whiskies “Hibiki.” Suntory has at its origins a “Yatte Minahare – Go for it!” spirit that encourages its team to dream big … the very same values and entrepreneurial spirit that have built Beam for more than 200 years and will guide Beam Suntory as a global leader in premium spirits.
Some pine and citrus aromas on the nose and after four years of ageing you begin to see the classic vanilla and fruity notes that give Bourbon its character.
Good with ice, as for food try with blackened chicken wings.

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