Type: Vodka
Country: UK
Region: Elsham
Code: EDWA015
A delicious pairing perfectly encapsulates the essence of it’s Yorkshire roots. Using only the finest locally grown ingredients our English Rhubarb Vodka transforms honest, earthy Yorkshire produce into a refined drink that is refreshingly tart with an unexpected sweetness.

The Edwards Potato Vodka Company

It’s taken 8 years of passion, commitment and hard work to bring their vision of soil to spirit to life, and they are proud to be firmly planted at Elsham Wold Distillery, located just a few miles from where the spirit’s main ingredient was first cultivated. Their team members have been working separately on the creation of a new, premium spirit since 2013 but it wasn’t until three families’ paths crossed in 2018 that the Elsham Wold Distillery became a reality. Since day one, the key to success had been finding the perfect blend, but they hadn’t realised that the blend of people was just as important as the perfect spirit recipe. Together, they truly believed that locally-produced spirits f...
Stewed rhubarb, cinnamon, leafy, herbal and citrus aromas on the nose. Tart and tangy notes coming through on the palate with spice and gingerbread in the background ending dry
Enjoy over ice with tonic.

2022 IWSC silver award- 91/100

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