Type: Rum
Country: Caribbean
Region: Trinidad and Tobago
Code: KRAK015
Kraken rum infused with black cherries and Madagascan vanilla. According to an old tale, sailors used to mix cherries and vanilla to treat wounds from Kraken bites while sailing the high seas.

Kraken Rum

Many years ago in the Caribbean islands a ship carrying a large quantity of black spiced rum mysteriously disappeared. It is rumored that the ship was attacked by the Kraken a legendary sea monster known for its deadly tentacles razor sharp teeth and insatiable appetite. Even though this story can’t be proven the stories still remain along with a respectful fear of the sea. The lost barrels of rum were renamed after the Kraken to both honour and appease him.
There's plenty of warming spice here, with layers of brown sugar, ripe cherries, a touch of frangipane, and sweet vanilla.
Enjoy over ice.

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