Type: Rum
Country: Barbados
Region: Saint Philip Parish
Code: DOOR001
An excellent golden rum from the folk at R. L. Seale's Foursquare distillery in Barbados. A very tasty Bajan rum, this 5 year old from Doorly's is a balanced spirit, typical of the region, and offers plenty of tropical fruit.

Foursquare Distillery

RL Seale is one of Barbados' oldest trading houses a family-owned business whose involvement in rummaking extends from father-to-son since 1820. Current head distiller Richard Seale is one of the region's most innovative distillers and blenders and has a passion for producing perfect rum with great flavour. The Foursquare Distillery occupies the site of a former sugar factory that dates back to 1636 and as one of the most modern and efficient rum distilleries in the world is designed to be both highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
Amber, with a complex, dried tropical fruit nose. A vibrant entry leads to an evolving palate of fruit, toasted coconut and oak notes. Finishes with a fruity sweetness and warmth, but has a balanced lingering taste with a butternut vanilla finish.
Doorly's 5yo is great in cocktails but we love to sip it on its own over ice.

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