Type: Rum
Country: Venezuela
Region: Portuguesa
Code: DIPL005
An exquisite sipping rum that is made from almost all sugar cane honey. This fine rum is made with 80% heavy and 20% light rums and aged for up to twelve years. The end result is a truly exceptional rum with characteristic sweet and fruity flavours.

Destilerias Unidas

Diplomatico rums are produced in Venezuela by Destilerias Unidas and are ranked consistently among the finest South American rums. With a total of seven stills (three pot and four column) the distillery has been producing top-quality spirits for over 45 years and has achieved huge success both domestically and in leading export markets.
A complex characterful nose showing fruit cake, rum ‘n' raisin ice cream, cocoa, cinnamon and clove developing into baked bananas and fudge sauce. The palate evokes rich chocolate sauce and sweet toffee fudge with tropical fruit flavours.
A fab base for a big variety of cocktails. We love the Old Venezuelan. Simply mix Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva with organic honey, fresh pressed lemon juice and a few fresh mint leaves. What could be better on a hot summers day in the garden?!

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