Type: Rum
Country: UK
Region: North Yorkshire
Code: ABBO005
Abbott Brothers Premium White Rum is a wonderful unification of history and passion with a light and smooth flavour. This modern twist on a classic recipe is designed to perfectly match cocktails and premium mixers, meaning you get a great drink every time.

Mix & Twist

SLOEmotion is a small family business based in the Howardian Hills to the north-east of York in the megalopolis that is Barton-le-Willows or Sloe Central as they call it. Started back in 2002 on Manor Farm near Malton where SLOEmotion was born moving to their bigger and better premises in 2007. Respect for the environment also plays a big part in SLOE's operation. They use recyclable materials wherever they can and recycle what they can – the sloes for their truffles and chutney come from the sloe liqueur making process! Even the sample cups they use at shows are biodegradable. Their sloes are mostly locally sourced and because sloes can only come from well-managed wildlife-friendly hedges it means only farmers who look after their hedges can supply them.
Subtle, Sweet, Dry, Smooth
Enjoy neat or with your favourite mixer.

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