Type: Non Alcoholic
Country: England
Region: London
Code: TANQ040
Savour every moment with taste that’s distinctly Tanqueray and 0.0% alcohol. Tanqueray’s legendary botanicals give a complex taste, only alcohol-free.


Tanqueray is a London dry gin; it is so called because of its distillation process as well as originating in Bloomsbury London. London dry gin is made by means of double distillation of grain. Botanicals are added during the second distillation. The recipe is a closely guarded trade secret although it is known to contain four botanicals (juniper coriander angelica root and liquorice). It all began when Charles Tanqueray launched his distillery in the 1830’s on Vine Street in Bloomsbury. It’s thought that the Tanqueray Gin recipe as we know it today first came about in 1838 – probably even earlier but older records can’t be found (presumably lost at some point in the company’s 180 year history!).
Robust and flavourful – like Tanqueray London Dry Gin, just alcohol-free. Piney juniper aromas with an uplift of lemon. Flavours of vanilla and an elegant floral finish.
Perfect on the rocks, in a alcohol free G & T.

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