Type: Non Alcoholic
Country: England
Region: Yorkshire
Code: BAXB010
Created by Chris and Rose Bax using their extensive knowledge of plant tastes and aromas: Verbena is both uplifting and relaxing. The green coloured top reflects the summer botanicals in the recipe and the delicious fresh taste of the drink.

Bax Botanics

Chris and Rose Bax have spent decades cooking and experimenting with botanical flavours. Between them they have over 30 years’ experience teaching and consulting to the food industry, focussing on delicious and exciting ways to use wild ingredients and culinary herbs. They are now using all their skills and experience to distil secret recipes of herbs, roots, berries and flowers and create alcohol-free spirits with layers of beautifully complex flavours. In their quest for sustainability they have tracked down organic, fair trade herbs and it is with these that they have created Bax Botanics.
A distinctive and multi-layered flavour profile. The layers of flavour give a refreshing vibrant feeling and the depth and long finish on the palate confirms a quality product. Flavour wise aromatic Lemon Verbena and bright herbs with menthol and anise combine to give the drink its name Verbena.
Perfect mixed with Mediterranean tonic and a curl of cucumber to brighten your palate.

Silver Medal - San Francisico World Spirits Competition 2023.

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