Type: Liqueurs
Country: France
Region: Paris
Code: PASS001
Passoa is a unique liqueur - the recipe of this alcoholic beverage is based on a unique ingredient: passion fruit. Passoa can be enjoyed for any occasion and in a number of cocktails, blended with a soft drink and/or another alcohol to bring a Brazilian flavour to your party!


In 1985 the master distiller of Cointreau travelled to Brazil to find a specific variety of oranges for a new recipe. During his trip he discovered a surprising fruit: the maracuja or passionfruit. The fruit's distinctive exceptional flavours enthralled him. When he returned to France he decided to take inspiration from the best that Brazil has to offer to Passoã the unique passionfruit liqueur made with a passionfruit juice from Brazil.
Balance of sweet, acid and bitter savours which makes a subtle and particularly refreshing feel in the mouth. Fruity, strong and specific taste. Intense and persistent aromas.
Mix with grapefruit juice and tonic water!

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