Type: Liqueurs
Country: England
Region: Newcastle
Code: NOVA030
A premium blend of Green Mint Tea with Rum. Strongly influenced by pirate culture, the Caribbean White Rum inspires travels and adventure, a perfect fit for the mint tea.


Fascinated by different places – their cultures, traditions, and tastes – Noveltea were drawn to the Brits’ passion for tea and alcohol. Yet nowhere were the two fused together. A wrong Noveltea felt compelled to right. Their spirit for adventure is just the tip of the ice cube. Wonderfully satisfying and completely unique, Noveltea takes the best tea and botanicals from around the world to produce the finest blends imaginable. It’s traditional tea with a twist. Noveltea sends your taste buds travelling to fascinating places around the world celebrating their unique tea blends and flavours. Using the highest quality loose leaf tea, cold-brewed to extract the full flavour and to deliver a superior taste it is complemented with the matching spirit.
Exotic fruit and floral citrus notes which reproduce the unique experience of the Moroccan Tea. The adventurous allure of the Rum balances the calm feeling induced by the sweet Moroccan Mint.
Can be served cool over ice or warmed.

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