Type: Liqueurs
Country: Spain
Region: Cartagena
Code: LICO001
Licor 43 is the most international of premium Spanish liqueurs, of exceptional quailty and smoothness and one of the most versatile spirits in the market. The name Licor 43 is derived from the 43 ingredients from which it was originally made, principally fruits, herbs and spices from the Mediterranean basin.

Licor 43

The legend tells us that Licor 43 began 2,000 years ago in the Mediterranean city of Cartagena, Spain. Here, locals produced a delicious golden elixir from fruit and herbs gathered from the surrounding countryside. Conquering Romans showed their admiration of the drink by naming it "Liquor Mirabilis". Today, Licor 43 is still produced in Cartagena, from a secret Spanish family recipe of selected Mediterranean citrus fruits and botanicals.
A bright golden glow, the diversity of ingredients and perfect balance of sugars and alcohol deliver deliciously smooth layered flavours of vanilla, citrus and caramel.
Top with some cream for a icor mini beer

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