Type: Liqueurs
Country: France
Region: Cognac
Code: GMAR001
Possibly the best known and most prestigious French liqueur in the world. Grand Marnier is uniquely based on Cognac, which is then blended with the distilled essence of bitter oranges to give a rich and smooth taste.

Marnier Lapostolle

Created in honour of Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle this liqueur pays homage to his creative vision his dynamism and his open-mindedness. An original and assertive blend of tropical orange and a selection of fine old cognacs this recipe was inspired by a ritual that Louis-Alexandre was particularly fond of - adding an extra drop of cognac to his Grand Marnier liqueur.
Bright topaz with gold and amber tints. A complex nose of orange flowers combined with scents of candied zests and toffee. Bitter orange flavours are enhanced by the cognac with nuances of orange marmalade and hazelnuts. The finish is long and harmonious.
A versatile liqueur used in many a cocktail, though ideally served chilled, over ice as delicious after dinner drink.

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