Type: Liqueurs
Country: Japan
Region: Hyogo
Code: AKAS005
A light delicate sake made by macerating the Japanese Yuzu fruit in Ginjo sake. Each Yuzu fruit is hand selected locally in Hyogo prefecture and immediately hand-juiced to maintain the highest level of freshness.

Akashi-Tai Brewery

The history of Akashi Sake Brewery stretches back to the end of the Tokugawa Period (1600-1867) when the company produced soy sauce and traded in rice. The company incorporated in 1918 after which it made the most of a geographic location ideal for making fine sake. Over the years Akashi Sake Brewery has expanded and modernized its sake-brewing activities and now produces and sells a wide variety of hand-crafted sakes. In brewing its select sakes Akashi Sake Brewery uses only the finest ingredients which are all produced locally. For example the company uses the yamada-nishiki variety of rice — a superior strain — grown in the region just north of Akashi City.
Bright citrus flavours with a fresh crisp finish.
Best served neat.

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