Type: Gin
Country: England
Region: Hull
Code: HOTH005
Micro-batches of no more than 50 bottles are distilled by hand in traditional copper alembic stills, in the heart of Hull.

Hotham's Distillery

Hotham’s Gin School and Distillery is located in Hepworth’s Arcade, in the Old Town of Hull. Founders Emma and Simon met over a G&T back in January 2017. Their shared love of gin inspired their first date at a gin school in the Midlands, where they were inspired to think about developing their own gin recipe. After a year of learning about the gin making process, and experimenting with recipes, they launched a micro-distillery, Hotham's Handcrafted Gin and Hotham's Cardamom Gin, and a Gin School. Emma and Simon said: “We both love living in Hull and are really proud to be part of the fantastic culture here. We're really excited to bring such a wonderful experience to Hull and to be part of the Old Town scene. We're seeing a big gin boom at the moment, with discerning drinkers showing interest in smaller producers and hand-crafted spirits. “We can't wait to welcome guests to our Gin School and Distillery, to share our passion for creating gin, and to see others enjoy the gins that we have created. “And if you don't like gin, you can come along and make a vodka instead!” Way back in 1642, Ye Olde White Harte, an inn on Silver Street, Kingston Upon Hull, was host to John Hotham, baronet and member of Parliament. There, in his role as the Governor of Hull, Hotham made the decision to refuse King Charles I entry to the city. Possibly, Hotham then proceeded to toast his decision with a glass of gin. Upon arriving at Beverley Gate, King Charles I was indeed turned away, by Hotham himself, perhaps, by now, literally full of Dutch courage. This bold move is said to have been the start of the English Civil War. We cannot help but wonder if this act of defiance was brought about by the fact that in 1638, King Charles I granted a royal charter to regulate the distilling trade within 21 miles of London. Could Sir John have feared the same for Hull, denying him his favourite tipple? This brief history tells the tale behind this brand. The Hotham’s name has a strong local connection, and Emma and Simon want to celebrate Sir John Hotham’s courage, determination and tenacity to do what he thought was right, despite it being a challenge. Now, it’s time for Hotham’s to start a new revolution: this time in gin and tonic. Akin to 17th century gins, Hotham’s is handcrafted using traditional methods, and their focus is on producing a premium quality, micro-batch gin: a unique blend of juniper and other botanicals so delicious, you too might start a revolution if denied it.
You'll smell the eucalyptus-like aroma of cardamom as soon as you open the bottle. Beyond the familiar taste of juniper, lies an unmistakable piquant, warm cardamom kick.
Serve over ice with a quality Indian tonic, and garnish with a single coriander leaf.

Garbutt & Elliott Deliciousl yorkshire 2018 Award for ‘Best Drink in Yorkshire’; Silver Medal - International Wine and Spirit Competition 2019; Highly Recommended by the Gin Guide 2019; Silver Medal London Spirits Competition 2020 & 2021

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