Type: Aperitif
Country: France
Region: Marseillan
Code: NOIL001
First created by Louis Noilly in 1813, Noilly Prat Dry is a classic French aperitif and a must for any enthusiast. The distinctive taste of Noilly Prat is delicious served chilled on its own, with a mixer or in cocktails.

The Noilly Prat Co.

Noilly Prat is a brand of dry and sweet vermouth based in the southern French town of Marsellian. It was bought in 1971 by Martini & Rossi and is now bottled by that company though production remains in Marsellian. Noilly Prat is famous for inventing the dry (French) style of Vermouth. The process was invented in 1813 by Joseph Noilly but the company was founded in 1855 by son in law Claudius Prat and his son Louis. After their deaths in 1859 and 1865 respectively Louis' daughter Anne (who was the widow of Claudius) ran the company for forty years until her death in 1902 growing Noilly Prat into an international brand. Her sons Louis and Jean ran the company until 1939 when control was passed to his neice Viscountess Vigier. She was the last family member to run the company.
Faultless clarity, light straw yellow in appearance with just a touch of yellow/green to it. The palate has understated wormwood bitter, with pronounced wood and herbal notes. Finish is long with anise, fennel, angelica, chamomile, wood and spice aromatics
Serve Noilly Prat chilled, frappé or on ice, in either a long-stemmed glass or a tumbler in order to better appreciate its aroma and admire its colour.

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