Type: Aperitif
Country: England
Region: London
Code: AKER005
Made using only the finest ingredients and handcrafted to perfection, AKER blends world-class rosé wine with luxurious raspberry eau de vie, balanced with English botanicals to create the perfect aperitif.
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They exist to bring the English aperitif culture into the modern day, collaborating with some of the country’s finest tastemakers to challenge perceptions and celebrate English craftsmanship. From picking the finest creative minds to picking the finest fresh berries, their constant thirst for progression is what drives them. Tradition meets innovation, they are a new way to enjoy an aperitif. AKER is all about flavour. They use world-class rosé wine as their base, infusing it with mouth-watering eau de vie, wild botanicals and chardonnay grape skin distillate for a taste explosion. AKER is more than a drink, it’s a coming together of like minds. Low in alcohol and all natural (no nasties, ever) makes the ideal companion for the big and the small moments, and everything in between.
Bursting with berries and infused with bubbles, this refreshing mix is the ideal accompaniment for your next gathering.
Best served neat.

Great Taste Award

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