Type: Mixers & Carbonated
Country: England
Region: London
Code: FEVE005
Fever-Tree's Naturally Light Tonic Water is the world's first all natural lower calorie tonic water. With 58% fewer calories there is no need to compromise on taste as this delicious crisp tonic water combines fruit sugars and natural quinine with citrus aromatic botanicals and soft spring water.


Fever-Tree is a producer of premium drink mixers. Following a 'tonic tasting' on the US market Charles Rolls - who built his reputation running Plymouth Gin - joined forces with Tim Warrillow who had a background in luxury food marketing to analyse the composition of mixers. They discovered that the majority were preserved with sodium benzoate or similar substances while cheap orange aromatics such as decanal and artificial sweeteners were widespread. And so started a 15 month journey. Days in the British Library researching quinine sources from as far back as 1620 trips to find the purest strains of this key ingredient and 5 iterations of the recipe were tasted before Charles and Tim were h...
Pure and crystal clear. Subtle and supportive citrus and fruit notes. Very soft, subtle citrus and fruit notes balanced by the bitterness of natural quinine. Slightly less sweet than Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water, the finish is clean with none of the usual cloying aftertastes experienced when drinking artificially sweetened slimline tonics. High carbonation delivers the aromas and taste in a classic refreshing style.
For Fever-Tree co-founders, Charles Rolls and Tim Warrilow, it all started in a bid to create the perfect gin and tonic.

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