Santamania & Four Pillars Collaboration Gin

A collaborative project that unites two distilleries destined to meet, the Spanish Santamania and the Australian Four Pillars. Two distilleries that despite being thousands of kilometres away, are recognized as soulmates for their passion when it comes to work and the quality of their distillates. Born at the same time, both Four Pillars and Santamania are committed to a quality artisan production, tangible both in the manual selection of the ingredients and in absolute respect for the product - made only with select ingredients and 100% natural.
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Destileria Santamania

Santamania is an urban distillery where traditional distilling techniques meet cutting-edge technology, creating signature craft spirits. In their sophisticated copper stills, they produce craft spirits with genuine quality and exquisite natural raw materials. They don’t use sweeteners, preservatives, etc. Just carefully selected natural ingredients. This, along with a small-batch distilling process that they control from beginning to end, guarantees that their passion for detail is reflected in the essence of every signed bottle.

Tasting Notes

Flavours of oranges, rosemary, olives, almonds and wild tomatoes from the antipodes and lemon myrtle & wild pepper from the austral mountains, among others. The taste of Spain and Australia meet with wonderful flavours.

Food Matches

Best served over lots of ice with premium tonic.

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