Pocas The Coopers Ltd Edition Gift Set



The Coopers pack contains 2 x 500ml bottles of 2006 Colheita – whilst the Port is the same, the aging is very different. Tthe first is aged in Balseiro (large barrels with a capacity of 15,450 litres). Inside the Balseiro, there is little contact for the wine with the barrel, leading to a higher flavour concentration and more intense profile – notes of hazelnut, chocolate & balsamic. The second is aged is Barrica (small barrels with a capacity of 550 litres). Here the wine has much greater contact with the wood, and a much higher level of oxidation – vanilla and cocoa complement a long, silky finish. A beautiful medium tawny colour, with aromas of hazelnut, chocolate and balsamic. On the palate, vanilla and cocoa complement a long silky finish. 

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