Type: Cider
Country: England
Region: Herefordshire
Code: DUNK001
Dunkertons Organic Black Fox cider has fragrant notes of traditional cider apple varieties which they have carefully blended together to give a deliciously robust cider.


Dunkertons Cider Mill is set in the ancient parish of Pembridge, an area of farmland, woods and hedgerows, where medieval half timbered villages meet the stone market towns of Wales. From earlier times, rural communities have told stories of fantastic and unusual creatures which have supposedly lived in their locality. The lush rolling countryside of North West Herefordshire is no exception. Here stories tell of an animal which has evaded capture by farmer and huntsman alike: Black Fox. The red fox has always existed, but the belief grew that there was a fox "as black as night, so that it might live in a man's shadow and so never be seen". A favoured haunt of the Black Fox is the Cider Orchard.
A medium dry cider, full apple aroma and flavour with a long finish.
The finish of the cider should mix well with the strong flavours and generally softer textures of the stronger cheeses.

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