Type: Whiskies
Country: USA
Region: Washington
Code: WEST070
In pursuit of an authentically American single malt whiskey, they bring their signature five-malt barley bill together with new American oak casks—two things practically unheard of in the old world.

Westland Distillery

Based in Seattle, Washington, Westland Distillery boasts a portfolio of superior quality single malt whiskies, crafted in a distinctly American, single malt style. Matt Hoffman, Master Distiller and Co-founder, believes in creating an exceptional product that reflects the Pacific Northwest – one of the best barley growing regions in the world – with its rich, varied landscape and unique microclimate.
Aromas of lemon and orange, crème brûlée, chocolate custard, jasmine. The palate has rich fruit, cherries, chocolate, almond, bananas, cream with hints of coffee.
Best served neat.

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