Type: Vodka
Country: Sweden
Region: Franska Bukten
Code: CARI095
Sweden has gifted us this beautiful drink, Triple distilled wheat vodka aiming to be the best around. Drink either as a shooter, neat or in a cocktail.

Cariel Spirits

With the aim to create a selection of premium vodka with a unrivalled depth of flavour. Fredrik Böhmer and Peter Carlson began their challenge, succeeding in their project in 2000. With their mission to use the best ingredients - including Swedish Grain, and the best vanilla accessible globally. 'Batch blending' and real precision have been employed to create their iconic spirits.
On the nose, a big Wack of vanilla with subtle tones of cream soda and white chocolate. Weighty mouthfeel, charred caramel, chocolate and more vanilla with a sprinkle of black pepper.
Drink with a warm chocolate pudding

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