Type: Tequila
Country: Mexico
Region: Jalisco
Code: OCHO020
A 100% agave silver Tequila from the Camarena family in conjunction with Tomas Estes.

Tequila Ocho

Their story begins in 2008, when two men with a love for Agave spirits came together with the single goal of proving the concept of terroir exists in Tequila, inspired by the heritage and process surrounding fine wine. The famed Carlos Camarena, a Fifth-Generation farmer and Third-Generation tequilero teamed up with Tomas Estes, the man responsible for bringing Tequila culture to Europe. Together, they developed a Tequila that is the purest expression of the blue weber Agave; Thus, Tequila Ocho was born.
On the nose full, ripe Agave opening up to rounded sweetness with citrus and marzipan accents. The palate has an intense Agave flavour which develops into a sweet fruitiness. Continues with nuances of pepper, citrus and earth Balanced and smooth despite the intensity of flavours. Finish is extremely long due to its concentration.
Enjoyed best straight or on the rocks.

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