Type: Liqueurs
Country: Spain
Region: Bellvei del Penedès
Code: TEIC005
The most popular flavour in the Teichenné Schnapps range.

Teichenne, S.A.

Teichenne, S.A. is a family company dedicated to the production of liqueurs and derivatives. It was founded in 1956 by the grandfather of the present Manager, Marc Teichenné. In those days the production was completely handmade and very limited. It was not until the 1970s, when Teichenne S.A. expanded, just at the time that Joan Teichenné replaced his father. The challenge was to create a wide range of products taking much account presentations and offering the best quality. In this way, he started the position in the Spanish market and a “Boom” occurred when Teichenné entered the market its well-known “Schnapps”, sweet liqueurs from fruit of medium setting which represented something new at the end of the 1980s, and which in turn opened the doors for export, which has been growing arithmetically since. This steady growth in production led to new facilities in Bellvei del Penedes being built in 1993. Teichenne now has a catalogue of more than 500 products, exporting to more than 35 countries.
Transparent, bright and crystalline. The nose has an intense dairy aroma, specifically of butter. Subtle and silky in the mouth. Rounded and balanced, it has a good structure and a persistent palate.
To be enjoyed straight as a shot, over ice, or as an innovative cocktail ingredient.

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