Type: Gin
Country: UK
Region: York
Code: YORK095
York Gin Mediterranean Lemon is a joyous celebration of a quintessential botanical of English gin from the 18th Century until today. It is 'History in the Tasting' and 'The Taste of Summer' all in one. They absolutely pack this gin with lemons from the sun-kissed Mediterranean. A select mix of just five other classic botanicals complement the citrus perfectly.
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York Gin

The York Gin Company started in the place where so many great ideas begin – the pub. In this case, York’s award-winning Swan pub, owned by one of York Gin’s directors, Paul Crossman. In 2016, Paul registered the name York Gin along with his business partner, Jon Farrow; Pete McNichol, the previous owner of the Swan; and Harry Cooke, a local food and drink expert and now our head distiller. Separately, their neighbour, gin fiend and brand marketer Emma Godivala tried to register the name too. When she realised the landlord of her local pub and other friends had the same idea, she asked to meet them in the Swan. A couple of hours later, York Gin was up and running. Tragedy struck when Jon died s...
delightfully light, balanced and zesty gin. Earthy juniper playing a supporting role to the star of the show - the tongue-tingling Mediterranean lemon.
Perfect in a refreshing G&T

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