Vedett Blonde 24 x 330ml

An easy drinking and thirst quenching hoppy Belgian Pils.

Duvel Moortgat Brewery

In 1871 Jan-Leonard Moortgat the son of a brewers’ family from Steenhuffel founded the Moortgat farm-brewery together with his wife Maria De Block. At that time the newcomer was just one of the 4000 breweries active in Belgium at the turn of the century. So initially things were not particularly easy: in the first few pioneering years Jan-Leonard tried to market a number of high-fermentation beers such as Stavelot. With varying degrees of success. Thanks to a combination of enthusiasm a passion for brewing and craftsmanship however Jan-Leonard gradually built up a loyal client base not just in the area around Breendonk but even as far away as Brussels by selling beer to the bourgeoisie. This is borne out by the opening of a warehouse in Laeken. The start as it turned out of a success story that has now lasted for over a hundred years.

Tasting Notes

Its fresh appearance incorporates everything you might expect from a premium pilsner: straw-coloured with a snowy-white head, and beautiful pearlisation in the glass. It’s an excellent thirst-quencher, right from the first mouthful!

Food Matches

The ultimate thirst quencher especially after a long day! But try also with hot smoked salmon with dill and cream cheese.

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