Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Can 350ml

Sierra Nevada has become one of the great names in the craft beer movement. This Pale Ale represents the classic combination of bitter hops and refreshing beer.

Sierra Nevada

Ken Grossman learned to homebrew from the father of a close friend. From an early age he was enamoured by the sights and smells of the fermenting jugs of bubbling beer wine and sake. His first attempts at making beer were rudimentary at best but began lifelong passion for the art of fermentation. Ken opened a homebrew supply store in downtown Chico simply named The Home Brew Shop. As he and fellow home-brewer Paul Camusi got more into the craft Grossman’s brewing became more and more elaborate and soon enough people were eager to sample his new brews. There weren’t many hops available for home-brewers in the 1970s and many were of poor quality. Grossman decided to go straight to the source. He drove from Chico to Yakima WA and persuaded hop brokers to sell him 100 pounds of “brewers cuts”—samples sent to breweries to try before purchasing bales. He returned with the whole cone hops and began brewing the hop-forward beers Sierra Nevada is famous for. Grossman began planning a new small-scale brewery based in Chico. He took the name of his favourite hiking grounds in the nearby mountains and decided to launch Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Tasting Notes

Using the distinctive cascade hop to produce the citrus burst of flavour this is a beautifully balanced pale ale. Fresh, clean and easy drinking with some toasty aromas on the finish this is a wonderful beer for the BBQ.

Food Matches

Try this beer with homemade burgers with Monterray Jack Cheese and dill pickles.

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