Saigon Export 24 x 330ml

An authentic Vietnamese beer brewed in Vietnam and sold in the UK. The name celebrates the former capital of South Vietnam. Brewed primarily with rice and a touch of barley malt.

Sabeco Brewery

In 2017, Saigon Beer has experienced 142 years of history, 40 years of building and brand development. From a modest output of 21.5 million litres in 1977, after 39 years of development, by 2016, Saigon Beer has achieved 1.59 billion litres of output, striving to achieve 1.66 billion litres in 2017. Saigon beer is still the leading Vietnamese brand of beer on the market.

Tasting Notes

Produced by traditional fermentation methods, the brewer creates a flavour that satisfies consumers looking for a taste of the Orient.

Food Matches

A wonderful compliment to sushi and all Asian dishes.

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