Poetic License Rarity 08 Agave Nectar Gin

The latest addition to the limited edition rarity range. A vegan-friendly alternative to the popular honey gin style, distilled and infused with agave nectar as well as hibiscus which gives it its soft pink hue.
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Poetic License Distillery

All they ask is that you lift up your wild spirit and listen to your inner poet. If you can’t write it then live it, and drink it down. It’s how they’ve got to where they are today. From their Northern Dry Gin to The Rarities, they hand select all of their ingredients. These include premium botanicals plucked from the wilds of Northumberland and more exotic species from warmer climes. Their home is set against the rugged North East coastline and uniquely designed around Gracie, the 500-litre copper pot still, which lets them produce on a small batch, artisan scale. It’s here they create their unforgettable flavours so you can enjoy their drinks with difference in mind.

Tasting Notes

The nose is sweet from the natural, unrefined sugars of the agave nectar with aromas of earthy black pepper and floral notes from hibiscus and rose. On tasting, the flavour is immediately sweet candied-ness which gives way to a vibrant, fresh lift from pink pepper. A subtle hint of juniper comes through next. A rosy floral-ness follows with a slight bitter kick from hibiscus, then citrus with lemongrass managing the transition. The drink ends on citrus, aromatic black pepper and the sweetness agave promises.

Food Matches

Serve over ice with a premium tonic and garnish with orange peel.

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