Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Reserve Tennessee Whiskey

The Jack Daniels Single Barrel is exactly that, a hand selected barrel by the master distiller chosen to showcase the best that Jack Daniels has to offer.
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Jack Daniels Distillery

Jack Daniel was a real person and a pretty fascinating one at that. From birth to death legend surrounded him. And in between he created Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Enjoyed around the world Tennessee Jack Daniel’s whiskey is matured in handcrafted white oak barrels in the nation’s oldest registered distillery. The Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg is situated in and around a hollow known as "Stillhouse Hollow" or "Jack Daniel's Hollow" where a spring flows from a cave at the base of a limestone cliff. The limestone removes iron from the water making it ideal for distilling whiskey. The spring feeds into nearby East Fork Mulberry Creek which is part of the Elk River watershed. Some 1.9 million barrels containing the aging whiskey are stored in several dozen barrel houses some of which adorn the adjacent hilltops and are visible throughout Lynchburg.

Tasting Notes

Lots of toasty oak and vanilla on the nose that lead to some tropical fruit flavours including banana and crystallized pineapple. Some distinct sweet cocoa and malty notes begin to develop and there is a hint of smoky character.

Food Matches

We love to pair this whiskey with pork ribs in a sweet chill glaze.