Blue Keld Still Mineral Water 24 x 330ml

Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water is drawn from a crystal clear Artesian Spring. The water is continually filtered through chalk over many years’ resulting in its high calcium and low sodium content.
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Blue Keld Springs Ltd.

Dating back to Nordic times Blue Keld natural Mineral Water flows from a genuine artesian spring situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds. The pure waters take many years to naturally filter through the chalk and limestone of the Yorkshire Wolds before they arrive at the Blue Keld Spring. Sourced beneath this genuine artesian spring the crystal clear waters have filtered up through the chalky land and bubbled to the surface resulting in the water being particularly high in calcium and low in sodium.

Tasting Notes

Refreshingly pure water with high mineral content picked up on this artesian spring waters journey.

Food Matches

A water that serves as a great match to foods and other beverages, it adds pleasure and gratification to any dining experience.

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