Type: Lager
Country: Germany
Region: Bremen
Code: BECK004
Brewed in Bremen, Germany, Beck's lager is popular in nearly 90 countries. It is matured at sub-zero temperatures to ensure a crisp, refreshing taste.

Beck's Brewery

Beck's Brewery also known as Brauerei Beck & Co. is a German brewery in the northern German city of Bremen. Beck's is the world's best selling German beer sold in nearly 90 countries (although no longer brewed exclusively in Germany). Owned by local families until February 2002 the Beck's brewery was then sold to Interbrew for 1.8 billion euro. The largest markets for Beck's outside Germany are the United Kingdom the USA Italy Australia Ukraine Romania and Russia.
Golden in colour, Beck's is a classic German-style pilsner with a robust, distinctive full-bodied taste. A fresh hoppy bouquet, distinct bitterness and a rich, full head.
Serve chilled.

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