Type: Whiskies
Country: India
Region: Blended
Code: AMRU005
Distilled using Barley from both Scotland and India, hence the name, this is a highly regarded, easy drinking Single Malt.

Amrut Whisky

The history of Amrut Distilleries is as old as the history of independent India itself. Indeed just as India is now noted as one of the world’s leading economies so too is Amrut Distilleries an industry leader. In 1948 as India was taking its place as an independent nation Amrut Distilleries entered the field of liquor making with an initial investment of a few lakhs. Today’s success has been made possible by the resolve of successive generations of the Jagdale family to embrace value and quality.
On the nose it has citrus fruits and a whiff of peat. The palate is layered with flavours coffee, dark chocolate, bitter marmalade and clove. Great length and very well balanced.
Try with dry cured palma ham.

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