Cold River Vodka

Cold River is a creamy and very distinctive vodka made by the American company, Maine Distilleries. They grow the potatoes on their own farm, get the water from a nearby aquifer and even bottle it themselves.
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Maine Craft Distilling

Chief Distiller Luke Davidson was raised in a self-sufficient agrarian Maine community sustained by a barter economy between neighbouring farms. In that setting Luke learned the essence of community and the interrelation between community and agriculture. He dreamed of leveraging his strong sense of the Maine community his love of agriculture and his desire to make whiskey. But how? A man of many talents Luke was building a post and beam barn and musing on long-held dreams with friends when he conceived the seeds of the idea of a farm-to-flask distillery that would become Maine Craft Distilling. Maine Craft Distilling marries Maine agricultural products to traditional methods creating unique spirits that combine the terroir of Maine with Luke’s perfectionist sense of craft. Building stills from repurposed tomato juice vats and washbacks from Maine-grown fir Luke has imbued Maine Craft Distilling with his Yankee can-do approach to life and liquor.

Tasting Notes

It's complex, rich, and nuanced but not complicated. You'll know after the first sip.

Food Matches

We love The Emerald Gimlet cocktail. Mix Cold River Vodka, lime juice, Green Chartreuse and sugar syrup. Delicious!

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