Located in the north-eastern region of France, the Champagne region has one of the coolest possible wine producing climates, which is moderated by the Marne River and the region’s proximity to the ocean.  Champagne is famous for inventing sparkling wine and only wines from this region are allowed to carry the title ‘Champagne’. Champagne has been a popular wine region since as far back as 816 AD.  It wasn’t until the late 1600’s that Champagne winemakers discovered how to capture the naturally occurring bubbles in their wine during the second fermentation. Champagne’s sparkling wines soon became popular among kings of France and England and was the beverage of choice for royal celebrations. Today Champagne is available throughout the world for all to enjoy its decadence. At House of Townend we have a fantastic range of wines from the Champagne region from many grade marques including Laurent-Perrier, Dom Perignon and Louis Roederer as well as our superb agency range from the boutique House of Champagne Gardet. 

Wines from Champagne...