Peaky Blinder Black Spiced Rum

A nod to another traditional spirit that the Sadler’s family would have had on offer in the 1920’s, bold and black just like the Black Country itself. Brought up to date with selected spices such as orange, nutmeg, vanilla and raisin. Made in small batches and aged in ex-ximenez casks.
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Sadler's Brewing Company

Sadler's Ales are situated in the heart of England’s famous and industrial ‘Black Country’. Founded in 1900 by Nathaniel Sadler and later expanded by Thomas Alexander, the Brewery was very much a family run business and this is still its strength today. The Brewery was inherited by Nathaniel's son, Thomas who ran the Brewery for a number of years, where he also raised his son Jack, who was brought up in the Brew house. Jack later passed on both his passion and knowledge of brewing to his son and grandson John and Chris Sadler, now fourth and fifth generation Brewers. The Brewery was historically re-opened during the winter of 2004, 77 years after Thomas Sadler brewed his last pint in 1927. Now situated in Lye, near Stourbridge, the Brewery has once again become a thriving family run Craft Brewery. Since the Brewery’s historical re-opening in 2004, Sadler’s have been presented with numerous awards for the quality of their beers and they continue to produce beers that people love to drink. 2015 marked a big year for Sadler's Ales, as the brand new Brewery was opened on a new larger site close to the original Brewery. This has allowed Sadler's to keep up with the growing demand for its beers and open a new visitor centre and bar. As well as this it has allowed Sadler’s to enter into the craft spirits market, presenting the Peaky Blinders Range.

Tasting Notes

A bold, warming Caribbean rum. Strong aromas of raisin with a vanilla undertone, flavours of sweet orange with rich cinnamon and nutmeg spice on the palate. A long finish of well-balanced spice and sweetness.

Food Matches

Best served neat or on the rocks.

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