Chilgrove Bluewater Edition Gin

Chilgrove Bluewater Edition draws its inspiration from the rich history that exists between England and Australia, both in terms of the early explorers & settlers and also the subsequent maritime trade-routes. The botanicals which have been chosen all had their part to play in this story. Bottled at a super-premium 46% abv, Chilgrove Bluewater Edition is a London Dry Gin crafted using a total of fourteen botanicals including indigenous Australian and English botanicals. These are distilled with a 100% grape-alcohol base and natural mineral water sourced from the South Downs which surround the hamlet of Chilgrove in West Sussex.
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Chilgrove Spirits

A husband and wife team based in West Sussex who are passionate about gin! Their exciting first product, Chilgrove Dry Gin, was the very first (and only) British gin ever to be made from a neutral spirit base distilled from grapes. This being the original method employed by the Dutch prior to the ‘Little Ice Age’, which knocked out their source of grapes in the mid seventeenth century. This base does not give the gin a grape flavour, but it does give the gin an incredibly smooth, elegant style and sets it well apart from the competition. They are based in the hamlet of Chilgrove set in the beautiful South Downs National Park, on the edge of the Goodwood Estate. They distil using 100% natural mineral water filtered through the very chalk Downs which surround them and hand-pick juniper from the local area. Following on from their flagship gin they have since also launched a Vodka (which is again the first in the UK to use a grape base) and also an Ultra-Premium Gin ‘Chilgrove Bluewater Edition’ which uses signature botanicals from both England and Australia.

Tasting Notes

It hits the palate with an explosion of flavour. Playful, crisp citrus notes from the Australian botanicals linger on the tongue, providing the perfect complement to the traditional and complex gin flavours that the English botanicals deliver. The underlying grape base meanwhile lends a luxuriously smooth texture to the spirit.

Food Matches

Enjoy with tonic water and a twist of orange peel

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