Celia Organic Gluten Free Lager 24 x 330ml

An organic, hand crafted, gluten free, Czech beer. Made from sustainably farmed hops and barley, it's crafted to remove the gluten and brewed in a 14th century castle.
Czech Republic

Žatec Brewery

Zatec is an area which has become famous for its hops. The first hops were grown in 1004 and the brewing followed shortly. The combination of the dark red soil, rich in ferrous oxide (which retains water) and climate allows the region to produce the award winning crop. The Zatec brewery, built in 1801, is situated inside the Zatec castle walls, overlooking the town and hop fields. The brewery suffered for lack of investment during the Communist years until by 2000 the brew was hardly available even locally, much to the detriment of the Zatec economy. In year 2001 Rolf Munding purchased the brewery from a local business man and began a program of investment which has rejuvenated the brewery and improved the prospects for the beer, brewery and the people of Zatec, both as beer drinkers and brewers. Tomas Lejsek, one of Czech Republic’s leading and most innovative brew masters has masterminded the changes, bringing together new technology, old brewing processes and pure ingredients.

Tasting Notes

Made from sweet Moldavian malt and flavoured with bitter Saaz hops. It’s gentle, soft and summery with a deep sandy hue.

Food Matches

Serve straight from the fridge after a long day!

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