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The word ‘craft’ is so ubiquitous these days that it seems to have lost its meaning. Tarsier believe that craft should mean handcrafted and have applied this philosophy to create a truly craft gin. From recipe development in their kitchen, to painting the distillery, designing the label, creating the website, cracking the pepper and labelling the bottles, Tarsier Gin has been crafted with passion by two people, by hand. Where they have lacked expertise, they have learnt it and applied it. Where they have lacked knowledge, they have researched it and gained it. Like the backpacking trip that inspired them, they have set out on their own journey of discovery and adventure. They set out on a quest two years ago to develop a unique gin that captured the flavours and character of Southeast Asia. Countless days and weeks were spent experimenting in their Manchester kitchen, distilling fruit, herbs and spices from the region in their 1 litre copper alembic pot still. Searching for a harmonious balance of citrus, floral, and spice they rejected many botanicals until they found their perfect Southeast Asian four; Calamansi, Kampot Pepper, Thai Sweet Basil and Galangal. Distilled alongside seven traditional gin botanicals, Tarsier was born.

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