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Sobieski Distillery in Starogard Gdański is one of the four production works within the Sobieski Spółka z o.o. group with its seat in Warsaw. They produce alcohol only from top quality natural ingredients and follow traditional recipes. High wines, raw spirit, are bought from local and renowned distilleries. They use top quality agricultural rye ethyl alcohol, rectified spirit: plain and neutral for liqueurs and alcoholic beverages in the vodka category. They also produce flavoured, herbal, fruit, and bitter alcoholic beverages. They contain agricultural ethyl alcohol and demineralized water, natural aromas and flavour additives, sugar syrup and caramel. The company is driven by the principle of their customer's satisfaction and providing their customers with a product which meets the criteria of health safety. By adopting such a policy, in the period from 2002 to 2005 they took a number of important actions: they installed a modern rectification column produced by a French company Interis due to which they obtain top quality high efficiency agricultural ethyl alcohol; they bought a new high capacity bottling line, equipped with a labelling machine for affixing adhesive labels, which is earmarked for the production of vodkas from the Sobieski and Zawisza Czarny assortment; they developed their storehouse of finished products and now it houses up to 4 MN bottles of finished products; they built a modern, unmanned, ecological boiler room propelled with natural gas; production departments, mainly the Packaging Department and the Bottling Department, were developed and modernized in connection with the implementation of the HACCP system. They initiated the creation of the production perfecting system based on the principles of the Lean Manufacturing. The company has also broadened its offer with new products, including Balsam Pomorski 40% accounted into the category of bitter alcoholic beverages, which has won a high position on the market in a short time.

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